The Essential Guide To Developing Technical Soccer Players has been developed over 15 years working with youth players ranging from 4-18 years old. The course will provide a platform of foundation techniques which will help develop any young soccer player. The course does this using numerous learning platforms including: videos, lectures and individual tasks. You will learn the following from this course:


  • Teach players individual moves that help them in 1v1 attacking situations.

  • Teach players how to use break pressure individual moves in 1v1 situations.

  • Teach players juggling techniques to increase ball control and ball mastery.

  • Teach players how to track results and improve performance on their own.

  • Teach players why training on their own can help improve performance.


The course can be finished within 32 days, committing just ten minutes a day will help you achieve this. These techniques are proven! I've worked at every level within the game, mini soccer, youth soccer, college soccer and professional soccer, these methods works...give it a try and remember #TalentIsNotEnough